IIoT service provider

Industrial Internet
of Things Provider

The billions of online objects are making the web wiser


Any equipment or object by means of special sensors transmit information about their condition, status or location in the cloud data store.

From cloud storage data information is delivered to the desired online service, where it is processed in accordance with the programmed algorithm.

Service qualifies the situation and sends back to your device or object command with the current action.

is based

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fueling innovation in nearly every part of our lives. Simply connecting the “things” that were never connected before is leading to new data insights that translate into meaningful change. Yet, there are barriers slowing IoT adoption. With the potential of thousands of new connected things bringing a tidal wave of new data, businesses want a better grasp of expected ROI, cost, and scalability.


Intel microcontrollers – hardware solutions for connecting automatic and drive system for different suppliers;


Modem hardware – for connecting to the satellite network or virtual mobile network (it is not depends from location);

Communications system

VMN: virtual mobile network allows to find connection everywhere mobile network exists;


Satellite FTXCom solutions: group of satellites and infrastructure for getting maximum effect of connection in the low-populated and remote places on the planet;

On-line service

WEB service: unicall service allow to receive all information from different suppliers in one data store where every supplier can use needed sensor data to create his software product for the client; Cloud data store provides safety and security of information;


We help businesses use the IoT to solve long-standing industry-specific challenges. Quickly develop IoT solutions that connect things, collect data, and derive insights with Intel’s portfolio of open and scalable solutions so you can reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase revenue.

Smart Buildings


The IoT is addressing rising energy costs, sustainability, and code compliance by connecting, managing, and securing devices that collect data from core systems.



When tied to the IoT, the car turns data into actionable insight, both inside the car and in the world around it.

Smart Manufacturing


IoT technology enables today’s factories to unlock operational efficiency, optimize production, and increase worker safety.



Through the IoT, the power grid’s countless devices can share information in real time to distribute and better manage energy more efficiently.

Smart Transportation


From connected or self-driving cars to intelligent transportation and logistics systems, the IoT can save lives, reduce traffic, and minimize vehicle impact on the environment.



From clinical wearables to first-responder tablets and sophisticated surgical suite equipment, the IoT is transforming healthcare.

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